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The Hammersmith Homeowners' Association welcomes you to our unique community. First, let's clarify that this is not the Hammersmith section of London. This is Houston, Texas, and proud of it. We are pleased when residents of the other Hammersmith decide to move to our Hammersmith instead.

This Hammersmith Community Online website has been created to provide you with information about our neighborhood that will be helpful to both residents and visitors.

WHERE WE ARE. We are a small community in Southwest Houston, Texas, consisting of four square blocks and about 225 homes, nicely cloistered behind a wall along Voss Road. Hammersmith encompasses a handful of streets between Del Monte and Olympia and is near both Houston's Galleria and Memorial areas. Despite our "city" location, our little neighborhood has managed to keep its distinctive residential identity.

RESIDENTS ONLY STUFF. If you are a resident of Hammersmith, the resident directory and lots of other information can be found in the Residents Only area of the site. You will need the username and password to enter this area. 

Read the latest edition and past editions of the Hammermith Anvil HERE.

Annual Meeting of the Hammersmith Community Improvement Association
Tuesday, January 20th, 7:00 PM at the meeting room of Briargrove Elementary School, 6145 San Felipe
The Agenda for the meeting will be as follows:
  • Financial reports and adoption of the 2015 Budget
  • Review of 2014 year’s activities
  • Approval of 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Approval of August 14, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes
  • Standing committee reports
  • Election of Board of Directors for 2015
  • Association Member open forum
Final minutes of the 2013 annual meeting and the 2013 final treasurer's report are both available in the residents-only, password-protected area of the Hammersmith web site.

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In the early hours of July 18, a car on Del Monte and a car on Amberly were broken into. Again, f you park on the street, please take caution not to have anything in sight that may entice someone to break a window and take it. We have had several similar issues over the summer.
Back in May, someone stole a large, very heavy concrete angel from behind a home on Fulham Court. Other large, heavy concrete statuary have been stolen in Hammersmith, so this is not a unique incident. If you have such an item, consider cementing it in place. At least, don't put anything out there that will be sorely missed if it disappears in the middle o the night.
A couple of neighbors have reported someone knocking at their door and identifying themselves as being from ADT Security (they were wearing a shirt with the ADT logo). One resident did not have an alarm system and was suspicious, and the other does have an ADT alarm system and has the sign displayed in front of their home. The alleged ADT worker indicated that the resident's alarm panel needed to be changed out. Since they had not called for this service, the resident contact ADT and were informed that this person was not an employee and should not let them in. Just a reminder to not let unsolicited workers into your home.

If you're planning some construction around the hacienda, please review the Architectural Control form HERE. You may need to submit one to the Architectural Control Committee.

Want to know the unembellished truth about trash pickup in Hammersmith? When is it picked up? When is it NOT picked up? What is and isn't picked up? Enquiring minds click HERE.

The Beach Ball 2014
On Saturday night, May 3, 2014, more than 100 Hammersmithians came out for the annual Hammersmith Pool Party, this year entitled "The Beach Ball." All things beachy were celebrated.
Click HERE to see the pictures.

What do you think about our new website?

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All the doggies and their human pets had a lovely time at the Hammersmith Yappy Hour on Friday Evening, October 24. Here are some photos.

GOT A POOL KEY QUESTION? (. . .and a few reminders)
Pool keys. Gotta have 'em. Sometimes we forget 'em. Sometimes we can't find 'em. And new residents sometimes wonder where on Earth to get one. So here's the short answer to all your pool key questions: All requests for and questions regarding pool keys should be directed to Carl or Gail Johnson at 713.952.7797.
Also, this might be a good place to remind residents of four things:
  • The pool gate must never be propped open. Leaving the gate open is a violation of the law that could result in us losing our license to have a pool. Don't do it.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a resident.
  • We know kids can be loud, but other pool users like to relax and read. Everbody should have fun at the pool, but parents and grandparents of kids who are screaming, squealing, or shouting would do well to ask them to tone it down as a courtesy to other pool users.
  • Please respect the lap-swimming lane when it's in place. if you're not swimming laps, please leave the lap-lane clear for those who are.

If you use the pool, you've noticed that there is a trash barrel there. But what you may not know is that a volunteer person -- one of your neighbors -- has to empty it. There is no trash pickup by the city at the pool. It's just there for emergencies, really. Try not to use it. When you leave the pool, please leave nothing behind. Take it with you. Your trash footprint should be zero. THANKS!!
The Hammesmith Directory, now available in a fresh edition is available online. It's just like the paper one, but no trees were sacrificed to create it. A few electrons were inconvenienced in the process, bu they have been properly compensated.
Click HERE to access it. You will need the Hammersmith username and password.

Garden Club Officers, Events, and Yard of the Month
Hammersmith always looks great, and lots of folks put lots of effort into what little bits of garden we may have. So it's nice to know that someone notices. Click HERE to see who received a Yard of the Month Award. It may or may not be quite current.

Brought to you by Ron Thornton
Ron's Facilities & Maintenance Report. We know Ron. We love Ron. Nobody does more for Hammersmith than this fine gentleman. But you will find Ron only in the residents-only section. To read Ron's latest, HERE.
Ron asks us to "remember that the facilities maintenance committee is a volunteer group. If anyone wants to take over the books and keys, they are ready to transfer. Or if anyone wants to become a member of the committee, we welcome the eyes, ears, and muscle.

Houston Super Neighborhoods
We have not reported on the Houston Super Neighborhood program before, but we are indeed part of one, and we are involved. So click HERE to learn more.

Who's Your City Councilman?
Here He Is:
Oliver Pennington
Houston City Council Member, District G
(832) 393-3007
(832) 395-9571 (fax)